Tuesday, May 1, 2012

where it stands now....

last summer I added the catmint,
and the variegated mock orange
under the window....still not sure about it all....we added the arbor & betty corning
clematis as well....I want to move that
little hydrangea next to the arbor, and plant
maybe a white clematis or rose bush climbing...but it doesn't get a lot of sun
so roses don't do great there...

really would love to build some
window boxes this year...don't you think??
and I want to add more catmint mirroring
the other side of the arbor...but does
it look to you like I need stuff in front
of the rose bushes??or that the catmint
is too big??
we are planning a cobblestone pathway
or something leading to the back

I need stuff where
the "?" marks are over there...
and right in front of the mock orange there
is a humongous clematis that needs to be tied
up to that white pole....it's really a pain
every year to tie up....should I get rid of it?
it's a purple one, really pretty but a pain.

Since I planted most everything in the
summer, when I first put in all the perennials,
mostly everything is summer blooming, so last
year I tried to add spring stuff....hence
the candy tuft...want more...
and the creeping phlox that you can't really see but it's by the front porch,
and the lilacs..the little bushes
but in love with them, so they
can go if you think (not the little kim?)
but I picked them up for $6 each so no biggie..

I labeled the colors so you could
see what colors I have...
I really lean towards all pastels....and whites....(surprise surprise!:) )
that's why the black eyed susan's were
just not working...to bright yellow...blek!

where the lilac is in the middle of all 
the white phlox ~ I was thinking maybe
some kind of blooming tree? 
but didn't know if all the perennials
would keep growing if I did that.
I really love the phlox...it's big & fluffy
white flowers that smell amazing as you
come up to the front door. 

I'm really hoping those pink flowers next
to the white rose bush keep blooming....
I really wanted them to bloom at the same time...
oh yeah, need to move the birdbath!

here's another view from the driveway....
really feel like the whole garden
is lacking bones....evergreens...shrubs...
but it's so small that I've really struggled
with how to add them & where...???

ok see where all the ??? marks are?
it's a pretty skinny bed & I've wondered
if I need to make the whole bed deeper?

I had delphinium in before but it doesn't
do great around here...year after year..
seems to die w/ the frost..sad cuz it's so
cottagey I totally love it.

I might replace the split rail fence with
a picket fence....I like that style better.

Ok see where it says yellow flower
can't remember name??
it's a pale yellow coreopsis
love it!  It needs divided so??

this front area is pretty much a mess...
I removed a TON of black eyed susans
they were taking over everything...
so now I'v got a lot of open spaces...

I've had the white shasta daisies
for a long time & divided them recently
(still not done) but I have to say ~ I
am not totally loving them....
they're ok but ??

view from the front door...

another view from front

scanning to the right towards the driveway
a little closer

the pale yellow coreopsis is right
to the left of the white phlox
and to the right of the purple

ok...heading out back!

it's definitely a shade garden on
this side...
we want to put in a path of
some kind....

it was snowing pear blossoms!!

I have a huge hosta that needs divided
so I was thinking about adding more?
the left side especially needs filled in...
we planted most everything except the
big blue hydrangea (on the right side) just last year so it's a new garden area for us!

the view looking back towards the front
just look at all the 1000's of weeds!!!
I'm seriously so overwhelmed....

well that's a good share of it....
I've got more garden in back ~ no
grass!  What in the heck was I thinking
removing all the grass???
The romantic in me wanted a potager garden...
all lined with boxwood...
but what I got was just one humongous
flower bed!!!!

anyway ~ I'll share more with you on that later...I'm going to plant a huge swath of
impatience in the boxwood beds...forget the
veggies this year....I want low maintenance!

Love to hear your thoughts Tracie!!

no more sod

no more sod
the work begins

beginning potager paths

beginning potager paths
getting somewhere

pool patio in the making

pool patio in the making
will have flagstones or ??

raspberry/strawberry patch

raspberry/strawberry patch

strawberry patch

strawberry patch